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Mika Marzette

A look at the importance of nourishing Melanin and Knowing Thyself

by Mika Marzette

In my research of Ancient African thought, the human need and ability to foretell and predict the future, as well as retell and retrace the past, evolved as mathematical models for the purpose of transforming energy…

ASCENDtials is hosting KOS-Melanin-ology™ lunch sessions each third Thursday of the month. KOS is Knowledge Of Self and Melanin is a black biochemical substance that everyone has that drives all life. Melanin is found in the environment, springs, lakes, soil, plants, animals, and the atmosphere. The Pineal Gland secretes melanin…

Mika Marzette

Mika Marzette is the Director and Founder of the nonprofit ASCENDtials that focuses on providing tools and programs to inspire change in society and one's self.

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