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3 min readAug 24, 2022

In today’s world, it can feel as if we have very little power over our own situations. This is an incredibly acute feeling for those in the Melanated, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community due to the current political and social environment in the United States. Here at Ascendtials, we believe that interpersonal development is key for individuals in the BPOC to overcome these feelings of powerlessness. We offer a series of workshops geared towards this type of internal development that focuses on a person’s financial stability, their spiritual development, building an understanding of their personal connection to the universe, and how to successfully navigate civil issues that people will encounter in their everyday lives. This combination of workshops can help you feel more in control of your daily lives and help to drive people towards embracing change.

Financial Workshops

One element that everyone has power over in their own lives is their finances, specifically with planning for their future. Ascendtials believes that managing personal finances for the purpose of building generational wealth is key to bringing about a change in underprivileged communities. With support from law offices and financial advisors, these workshops will help participants look at different strategies for how to create a generational foothold for long-term financial growth. It is our intention through this two-part series of workshops to give you a feeling of stability about your present finances and high confidence in your plan for the future.

Spiritual Workshops

Another element of life that is easily in your control is your ability to connect with your spirit. We believe that staying in tune with the cycles of the spirit is a key tenant for living harmoniously and sustaining health. Our workshops for developing the spirit span from Kemetic yoga, which will help calm your mind and connect with your internal feelings, to understanding divine feminine energy, which will help bring power to concepts of gender in your own life and counterbalance the overburden of patriarchal influence. These workshops will help bring stability to your spirit, which is another basic foundational point in bringing elements of your life into your control.

Cosmic Workshops

In a more challenging aspect, the cosmic world around us seems vast and overwhelming and very much out of our control. But this is very far from the real truth. Our connection to the cosmic world at large is a fundamental part of our philosophy at Ascendtials. Just as the universe is all around us and far off in the stars above, it is also very much within us on the ground. This connects to our philosophy of “As above, so below.”. Our workshops explore how the universe at large is connected to us as humans, how it shapes elements of us down to our skin, and how we can make these connections to the greater beyond through a basic understanding of how it works in and with our lives. It’s our intent through these workshops to help calm your mind and be more in touch with your universe.

Civil Workshops

The most challenging aspect of our lives today is the ability to feel in control of the civic situations that we encounter on a daily basis. Ascendtials takes a great deal of effort to address civic issues that impact BIPOC communities through offering workshops on interpersonal development. Our Design Thinking workshop will help you identify when civic situations are oppressive, how to interpret the internal feelings that might arise, and how to properly word your responses and deal with them in a constructive manner. We also dive into the ancient Dogon process of creation and how to apply concepts of our ancient ancestors to today’s situations.

Here at Ascendtials, we are here to help you. We believe that our workshops surrounding financial literacy, spiritual development, cosmic understanding, and civic engagement can help you bring a sense of control to your everyday life. We welcome all who seek to learn more about themselves and their palace in the universe, and we look forward to having you join us in these various workshops.

ASCENDtials Think tank

The nonprofit ASCENDtials focuses on providing tools and programs to inspire change in society and one's self.